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Devin Cahills journey to music

June 23, 2015

Devin Cahill started out just playing around with a watermelon ukulele with her friend Gene Starks in their living room but then in 2011 they decided to start the band  “Letter To Memphis” together. They decided to name the band after one of her favorite songs by the pixies, “Letter To Memphis”. They then started to book gigs and performing for large crowds at venues all around the St. Louis area.


“Its really fun to enjoy and see the other bands perform,” Cahill said.


She has been playing in areas all around the St.Louis area and have had many different experiences. The worst she has had is when she had a panic attack on stage. She had to perform but she couldn’t at the moment so she went outside and took deep breathes until she was feeling better and then went back and had put on her show.


“Its like a natural high on life,” Cahill said.


If Cahill was not a musician she would doing her other job at Washington University as a patient in which she has to learn a script and perform the script. One day she might be a 17 year old with depression and the next day she might be a 80 year old with Alzheimer’s and she then the students have to give the correct medical attention with what her problem that she has is. If she wasn’t doing that then she would be a nanny or a barista.


“When you’re making your own original music you do what you want to do and that’s what i like about it,” Cahill said.


She knew she wanted to be a performer ever since she was a little girl when she went to her mother’s play rehearsals. She learned all the lines in each of her mother’s plays and read along as the cast rehearsed. Then her mother signed her up for musical theater.


“I do it because i like it and if people like that and want to follow us it feels really nice,” Cahill said.

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