Design is on deck for yearbook students


Mersadees Sampson

Students in yearbook class work on developing design ideas for their books. Developing design ideas will help them to creating a theme for next years books.

Summer Cutler and Mersadees Sampson, Reporter

Design is next for yearbook students at MediaNowSTL camp on June 24.

Yearbook class adviser Sarah Nichols hopes students bring back new design techniques and ideas to their own staff.

“I’m hoping they’ll start with like a clear plan and know why they make each decision. I hope it shapes their thinking and I hope they kind of enjoy the process of it more than they used to,” Nichols said.

Junior Rachel Barnes from Shawnee Mission Northwest high school didn’t know how to make spreads look visually appealing.

“I don’t really know anything about design, it will be interesting to learn more because I’m not necessarily familiar with it,” Barnes said.

Students also spent the day exploring different spread and design ideas to help them develop themes.

“Outside of class, our staff is trying to get close to developing our theme for next years book,” sophomore Tess Holcom from Shawnee Mission Northwest high school said.