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Students struggle discussing race in publications

Khalea Edwards, Reporter

June 29, 2016

Despite the potential taboo nature of the subject, newspaper editor Lucy Wurst from University City High School said she and her publications staff aren’t uncomfortable talking about race. “Everyone has equal say and feel that we s...

Media Playing Favorites, has Religious and Racial Bias

June 29, 2016

"Muslims are being portrayed as terrorists, and not just a small group, but all of them." - Sana Kadir

Putting Nerves to Rest

Michaela Alexander and Madalyn Riley

June 23, 2015

Imagine being at a camp that revolves around being outgoing and getting out of your comfort zone when that is what makes you want to slip out of your skin and be invisible. What would you do? Would you still participate in what...

Perspectives on College Preparation

Macie Maislin and Sara Metzger

June 23, 2015

When the subject of college comes up to an aspiring journalist, a lot can come to mind. Whether it’s preparing by putting yourself in extra curricular activities to build a college resume or expanding your knowledge of the news...

Journalists Learn to Localize from Professional World Cup Coverage

Lauren Pike, Reporter

June 24, 2014

Though Brazil is 4,427 miles away from St. Charles, the advent of the 2014 World Cup provides the perfect opportunity for the student journalists of Media Now STL to learn innovative news coverage techniques from professional...

Students find the transition from reporting to editing difficult

Megan Munger, Reporter

June 24, 2014

A reporter’s story appeared on the screen in front of online editor-in-chief Kyra Haas, looking completely different than what she was expecting. The story was far from complete and nowhere near post-worthy. That’s when she...

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