Campers Learn the Ropes of Becoming a Skillful Photographer in MediaNow’s Photo Essentials Class


Students in the Photo Essentials class complete their daily projects. Instructor Gary Hairlson said he hopes to further expand the campers’ knowledge on how to take a good photo and edit the them based on different factors. The goal, he said, is to be able to tell a story through their photos. Lauren Hafner/Photo

Lauren Hafner, Reporter

According to  Gary Hairlson, a video director at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, his Photo Essentials class is perfect for any high schooler interested in learning basic skills for photography. The campers taking the class during the summer of 2017 have already begun shooting and learning how to properly edit their photos.

Hairlson said he plans to have classes continue to shoot more.

“The whole goal is to get [the campers] out. Usually the first day or so is instructional stuff, but after that the goal is to get them out shooting and get feedback,” he said.

He also said he plans to teach campers the basic knowledge of photography so they don’t shoot in automatic mode.

“I’m trying to teach them to shoot manually because they own it from the beginning,” he said.

Anna Ventimiglia, a 15-year-old student who is a reporter for Melville High School in Melville, MO, said she has learned helpful skills. Ventimigila, who may serve as a head photographer in coming years, said photographers should try their best.

“You can take hundreds and hundreds of photos and only get three or four that are really good. Don’t feel down about yourself because you can’t take a perfect photo the first time. You gotta give it time,” she said.