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Bringing Home to the Dorm

June 23, 2015

Students transitioning from high school to college often move many hours away from their homes.

“I’m not going to commute 6 hours everyday from Chicago to Lindenwood, of course I’m gonna stay in the dorm,” said college student Michelle Sproat.

To make the move easier and to remind them of home, students will often bring mementos and comforts of home with them and into their dorm.

“I brought most of my closet. That was the most important thing to me. But then i also brought pictures of my family and friends and home. I wanted to bring my dog, but my parents wouldn’t let that happen,” said college student Jordan Coker.

“I brought a really big Chicago Cubs field poster with me. It was the Wrigley Field poster. But anyway, it said ‘Cubs Win,’ which is funny because the Cubs aren’t the best team. Cubs fans will be the first to admit that. i also brought a Swedish wooden horse with me because my family is from Sweden,” said Michelle.

Students find being away from home tough, but some must face another challenge on top of that: being the only one from a certain region on campus.

“”I went to Lindenwood University and was the only one from my school in Chicago and the only one from my area. It’s nice to know even though i didn’t know people there I had friends and family back home,” said Michelle.

Some students didn’t need to bring anything but their phones to stay connected with their homes.

“I use Facetime a lot to stay in touch with my family. My mom will call me every day at lunch. My parents will also Facetime me and I’ll get to see my dog which is nice,” said Jordan.

Being connected to home with social media can also have a downside. It reopens old wounds and makes them slower to heal.

“It’s hard being away because most of my friends stayed home for college. With social media, I see my friends every day having fun without me. That’s really hard,” said Jordan.

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