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Maksl Branding 2016

What you’ll find here

I’ll post our schedule as well as various links and resources we talk about during the “Building your publication’s brand” class at MediaNowSTL.

Our schedule

(Note, this only covers the topics during our classes; refer to your MediaNowSTL general schedule for all other activities)


  • Afternoon: 1.) Intros. 2.) What is PR, marketing, advertising and branding, and what’s the difference.
  • Evening: 1.) Introduction to our projects for the week. 2.) Introduction and discussion of project plan (RPIE: research, planning, implementation, evaluation). 3.) Work time for personal/publication brand audit.


  • Morning: 1.) Discussion of brand audits. 2.) Market segmentation and defining various publics. 3.)
  • Afternoon: 1.) Writing objectives and goals (and making them Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based). 2.) Brainstorming and listing marketing, advertising, and PR strategies.
  • Evening: 1.) Building our publication brands to make money: ad sales and fundraising. 2.) Work time.


  • Morning: 1.) Evaluating and determining success. 2.) Work time for final project.
  • Afternoon: Field trips to PR, ad, and creative firms: Weber Shandwick, Scorch, Elasticity, AtomicDust). We’ll leave at 12:20 p.m. and be back for dinner.
  • Evening: 1.) Discuss field trips and what we learned. 2.) Work time for final project.


  • Morning: 1.) Final project presentations. 2.) Crying because camp is ending.

 Resources/link/other useful stuff we’ll add to during the week

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Maksl Branding 2016