Beginning designers learn new software


Khyle Buchanan

Media Now 2016’s InDesign I class has been learning how to use design software of the same name. Students said they have gained an understanding of how to use the basic tools the software has to offer and said it is a useful software which, according to instructor Carlos Ayulo, was the goal.

Ayulo said hands-on activities are an effective way to learn.

“I learned more (working) on the newspaper (at school),” Ayulo said and added he has used that strategy to help students effectively become familiar with the InDesign software. The students work to create different designs of their own choice.

Ayulo’s strategy has proven successful for students like Brendan Davidson. Davidson said he has a clear understanding of what each tool the software offers does and how to use it. Ayulo said he plans to continue this progress and have the students comfortable with using the InDesign software by the end of camp.