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Band life with Letter to Memphis

June 23, 2015

A lot of bands are portrayed in the media as being lazy, unreliable and unruly, but according to Devon Cahill, lead singer and ukelele player for local indie-folk band Letter to Memphis,  members of her band often find themselves balancing time between working on music, working their second jobs and spending what time they have left corresponding with one another.

Since their band’s start in 2011, Cahill and her fiance (roommate at the time) Gene Starks have since acquired two other musicians who play bass and violin, in addition to Cahill’s and Starks’s ukulele and guitar. According to Cahill, the group has opened for several other groups such as Deer Creek, Sick Sea, Lilly and several others in many different locations, including the Sheldon Concert Hall in St. Louis.

The road to the band’s beginning was long and Cahill said before it began, she and Starks would often find themselves making covers of songs together and writing their own songs before the two decided to take the leap and start a music group. Since they’ve started the group, though, they’ve been “having a blast,” Cahill said, “playing around town and writing music, and enjoying being a part of the St. Louis music scene.”

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