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MediaNowSTL Editorial Class student Priscilla Joel works on her plan to improve her newspaper. Joel used what she created at camp to improve the dynamic of her school paper, the North Star.

Newspapers Fight To Remain Relevant

Bennett Smallwood, Zach Mills, and Emma Pursley
June 24, 2014
Video Essentials students Katrina Nickell, Sam Skaggs, and Hannah Glassmann work on editing their video about Kate Manfull. This video along with the others that the class created aired on June 24 in the LUTV studio.

Video Essentials Prepares For Live Broadcast

Emma Pursley and Deena Essa
June 24, 2014
I like sports and I really love journalism. One of my dreams is one day is to work at ESPN. I also want to be a good husband and father.

Nathan Desai

June 23, 2014
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