Media Now Classes Engage in AirPlay Battle

A YouTube video war emerges between classes Branding Your Publishment and iPhone Storytelling

Riley Paradise, Reporter

In the middle of a lecture on June 27, the Branding Your Publishment class was interrupted by a prank broadcast: “You on Kazoo,” a popular YouTube Video, which began playing on their projector via the AirPlay functionality. Immediately the class attacked back, already knowing the perpetrators: Chris Snider and his iPhone Storytelling class. In retaliation they played first the “Slap Chop Rap” on Snider’s AirPlay projector, followed by the music video to Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, which can be defined by internet culture as a “Rickroll.”

Snider turned off his AirPlay projector’s WiFi, and as a final measure, connected to the Branding Your Publishment class’s projector with the infamous “Gummy Bear” music video at the ready. Adam Maksl, the instructor of Branding Your Publishment, ended the battle by turning off the WiFi on his projector as well, then proceeded to return to their lecture on marketing to specific audiences.

Apparently, this has been a running gag between the two classes, running since yesterday, when Maksl first played Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” on Snider’s projector. Both classes returned to work after having some good-hearted fun with each other, and Snider said, “The lesson here is: don’t have open internet like this. (Use) passwords.” Neither party took it hard, either.

“Maksl and I always have fun at this camp together,” Snider said. “It’s a chance to have some fun, and explore technology, right?”