Advising Publications class to hear from SNO co-founder, MediaNow instructor


Aaron Manfull instructs his Advising Publications class on June 24. The advisers will continue to discuss topics and hear from guest speakers.

Makensie Frank, Co-editor In Chief

On June 25, the Advising Publications class, instructed by MediaNow co-founder Aaron Manfull, will hear from guest speakers Jason Wallestad, co-founder of SNO, and Mitch Eden, Editorial Leadership instructor at MediaNow.

Wallestad will explain how to use School Newspapers Online, a company for student journalism web staff that he co-founded, and Eden will cover leadership.

This isn’t all that is in store for this class, though.

“We still have a lot to cover—the writing stuff, the law and ethics stuff,” Manfull said.

The Advising Publications class is one specifically for just that—the advisers of publications. This may be the teacher of a newspaper, yearbook or audio/video class. In this course the advisers discuss law and ethics, social media, writing tips and staff organization.

“We try to cover as many things as possible to help people with their journey,” Manfull said. “A lot of it is stuff that they want, so questions that they have I try to answer and help them with.”

Jessica Roberts, a journalism teacher at Arlington (TN) High School and attendee of the class, said she has learned how to not be a teacher but a facilitator of learning. She said she hopes to apply what she’s learned in the class at home by letting her students create their own dynamic instead of following lists and schedules that she has made.

“I think that teachers shouldn’t necessarily be experts in their field,” Roberts said, “but show students that it’s okay to continue to learn and continue to change as a teacher.”