Advisers Learn How to Improve Their Program

Advisers learned how to bring technology and excitement to their classes with the help of  CO directer of MediaNowStl, Aaron Manfull. As they progressed through the class many new ideas were presented to them.

“We’ve done a lot of introduction which is cool to see how different schools are structured,” newspaper adviser Sarah Henke, from Jefferson City High School, said. “One thing I want to learn about is how to push kids out of the box with stories. This is my second year advising so everything I learn here is going to help me.”

Gary Hairlson also came into the class to disscuss with Henke, as well as the other advisers, how to incorporate the video aspect into their program. Manfull discussed with the advisers the changes in the news room and how storytelling has changed.

“I hope everyone takes something back to make the newsroom better and their job easier,” Manfull said.