Advanced Writing is a Class that Helps Students with their Writing But Also has a Dash of Fun

The MediaNow Advanced Writing campers have had some very entertaining and helpful writing projects.

Annie Schorgl, Reporter

According to instructor Ken Fuson, the projects the Advanced Writing students have been working on are learning the tools of storytelling and what the difference is between a true story and an article.

Fuson, from Des Moines, IA, teaches the class with Marina Hendriks from Columbia, MO, who is finishing her doctorate at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. This is Fuson’s second year working at MediaNow.

Sha’Diya Tomlin, a student in the Advanced Writing class from Kirkland High School in St. Louis, said she is learning a lot of skills she did not know about writing before.

“I did not know you could actually do that in journalism because (journalistic writing) is more factual,” she said.

Tomlin said she is excited to learn how to merge factual stories and storytelling to make a great story.

The projects that the Advanced Writing students have been doing include writing their own obituaries, writing the details of the weather outside, and stacking up Oreos from a story they read about a girl who had to win an Oreo-stacking contest to get to redesign her room.

“I think at school it’s a lot more hard facts but here we are learning (from the projects) to add a lot more detail without being opinionated,” student Sabrina Bohn from Parkway West in St. Louis said.

Hendricks said, “There is an art to telling stories that is difficult to achieve but worth the struggle.

”I think most writers would tell you that they never stop struggling,” she added, “ but that’s part of the joy of it is finding a story, telling it well, and if you don’t do it well then you know what to improve on in your next story.”

The MediaNow Advanced Writing students will continue to work on merging storytelling and factual writing throughout the rest of the week.