Advanced Photography Class Learns How To Cutline Write To Enhance Their Photos


Sophia Jacobson

Jordan Deroos is taking a picture of the many campers coming into Shakespeare Pizza from a Mizzou Journalism School tour. The photography class was working on getting pictures that they can write cutlines for.

Sophia Jacobson, Reporter

Advanced Photography instructors Neil Ralston and Odell Mitchell Jr plan to teach students about cutline writing in the coming classes.

“Neil is going to talk about writing cutlines because photography is a lot of technical side things you can do on the computer. The news side of photography is being able to gather information for a cutline. When Neil talks about cutlines (on June 25), he will tell (students) what type of information to gather so that with the pictures they have, they will understand what information to write to tell what is happening.”

Ralston said pictures need to show emotion and the best stories are always emotional stories; this is what photographers need to focus on.

Camper Daniel Willbrand, a junior from Francis Howell High School, said he doesn’t know how to tell a story with his pictures, but he is ready to learn about how to capture emotions and moments.

He said, “All I know is what looks good and what should be shot.”