Administrative Staff Collaborates for Afternoon Activity


Workshop Director Kate Manfull creates a handshake with students in the EIC class.

Betsy Wait , Reporter

If there is one thing predictable about the activities at Media Now, it is how unpredictable they are. Today’s highly anticipated afternoon activity will be kept under wraps until it’s unveiled at 3:45 p.m.

“We are actually going to have two different groups because there are so many of us. We usually do the activity together but this year we will be in two groups of one hundred,” said Kate Manfull, workshop organizer. “The next day the groups will switch activities, so after today everyone will know what they are doing tomorrow.”

Although the details for this afternoon’s activities are currently unknown, there is no question that the administrative staff, who have collaborated both digitally and in person over the past few months, have put in hours of planning.

“We spent about two hours just brainstorming ideas of what we even wanted to do for today’s activity,” administrative staff member Lauren Stanton said. “After our initial planning meetings, the team members in town met up several more times so they could order things that are needed for the event and then set up. Overall, I think we have probably put in six hours or more for the activities this afternoon.”