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Life in Letter to Memphis

June 23, 2015

For band member Devon Cahill, life in the folk band, Letter to Memphis, is a constant thrill. The band includes guitarist Gene Starks, Paul Niehaus IV on upright bass and Sarah Velasquez on violin and harmonies. As imaginable, life in a band can be filled with many experiences, both good and bad. Cahill shares what thoughts and actions occur during a day of an upcoming show.

“A day of a show is always nerve racking. We’ve been playing out for four years now, but I still get a little stage fright. A lot of nervous excitement goes on.” Cahill said.

Cahill has grown close, tight relationships with her fellow band members, including her now fiancé, Gene Starks. The band often has a lot of fun with what they do, and tend to hang out and jam with each other in their free time. Filled with rituals and anticipation, shows can be quite the experience.

“Before shows we often put our hands in and yell ‘just one letter’, because everyone assumes its Letters to Memphis and not Letter to Memphis.”

Devon Cahill struggles with strong feelings of anxiety, but has learned that you just have to shake it off. Although there’s mostly good experiences in being in a band, there’s also some rough ones.

“One bad experience was a panic attack I had on stage several years ago. There were some people there that I really wanted to impress at a show, and when I started to sing a song, my microphone wasn’t on and I panicked and lost my spark. I asked Gene if I could have a minute and took a couple deep breaths. Sometimes you have to take a couple steps back and regroup. The hardest thing when you’re performing is if something happens, you have to let it roll off your shoulders. The audience doesn’t know that you’ve messed up. At this point, I just smile and shake it off.”

Devon Cahill performing the song “Rest Your Head” on the ukulele.


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